CPU held a meeting with DF's ("Demokratska fronta") Council for Economic Rights

18 December 2014



VEP DF Article

Within the project "Promoting political accountability", Center for Policy and Governance continues advocacy activities concerning economic reform as a priority for the newly elected government in BiH.

The Council for Economic Rights of the party “Demokratska fronta” and the Centre for Policy and Governance held a meeting in order to discuss challenges facing the future government and accountable political action in the best interest of the citizens.

The main topic of conversation was improvement of the business environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina. CPU introduced members of the Council to the analyses "Fiscal policy in the function of economic growth and employment" and "Challenges of privatization of telecom operators in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina".

DF’s The Council for Economic Rights expressed great interest in the data presented in the analysis. It was concluded that concrete measures should be implemented as soon as possible.

The first part of the discussion was focused on issue of reducing labor taxation in FBiH and urgent need for relocation of health insurance for the unemployed. It was also noted that neutral economic measures are necessary to recover the money lost in extra-budgetary funds.

The second part of the meeting focused on the liberalization of the telecommunications market and challenges and possibilities of telecom operaters privatization in FBiH. Participants exchanged views on the situation in the telecommunications sector and discussed various models of privatization. Ultimately, they agreed on need for protection of public interest through market liberalization.

The meeting held was appraised as constructive. The conclusion of members of the Council was that results of CPU's research will be very helpful in their future work.

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