CPU participated in "Citizens for Europe" network workshop

02 September 2014



Teslic 2014 09 02 Vijest

Representatives of the Centre for Policy and Governance participated in building capacities „Citizens for Europe“ network workshop, held 2/9/2014 in Teslić. The aim was to recognize activities of member organizations contributing to long-term objectives of the network, and also, to identify strategic guidelines for further development. Efforts of the member organizations have been directed to define strategic guidelines and elements for action plan, along with activities preceding multisectoral workshop scheduled for September 2014.

Among others, conclusion of the meeting was that administrative and political environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina is not adequate for successful business and attraction of foreign investment. Therefore, it was decided that the network will appeal to political parties to focus on planning improvements of business environment. It was noted that there is a significant need for monitoring of activities that both executive and legislative government are undertaking for improvement of business environment in upcoming mandate. The network will publish a public statement concerning this matter.

The network workshop was organized with the support of TACSO project to initiatives of networks, coalitions, alliences and platforms of civil society organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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