CPU presented researches on situation in BiH and prgress in last four years

14 August 2014




Centre for Policy and Governance presented results of research providing overview of the situation and progress in several key sectors in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the mandate period of 2010-2014.

The event was attended by representatives of non-government sector and the media.

Analyses were carried out within the project "Promoting political accountability and democratic development by advocating evidence based policy debates in the election process in BiH", and they covered four areas: competitiveness of the BiH market and opportunities for investment, dynamics of key economic indicators and economic growth, energy sector and labour market in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Analyses were presented by the project coordinator Adis Muhović and researcher Goran Dostić. The aim of their presentation was to provide a basis for public discussion in the pre-election and post-election process.

The analysis of global competitiveness index covers the period of the last five years and sums up the position of the private sector and the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in comparison with the countries of the Western Balkans region. In two of totally three most popular indexes of global competitiveness,  Bosnia and Herzegovina was ranked higher compared to 2010. According to the Global Competitiveness Index, for the first time in years, Bosnia and Herzegovina is not the worst ranked country in the region (shifting from rank 109 to 89).

A minor improvement compared to 2010 is recorded by the Index of Economic Freedom, while the country's rank declined according to the Doing Business Report, which is the publication of the World Bank.

The final index evaluates and analyzes the regulation and bureaucracy related to the establishment process of businesses. However, correlation of the countries' rating in the region with real economic indicators is somewhat questionable, since higher ranks of Macedonia and Montenegro (escpecially in comparison with Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia) are not expressed in terms of economic growth in the real sector. That is one of the conclusions from the analysis of the competitiveness of Bosnia and Herzegovina economy in the 2010-2014 period with reference to regional position.

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