Improving the educational system in Bosnia and Herzegovina with regular conduction of international testing

Bih Djeca Skola

Commencing the new school year, the Centre for Policy and Governance released its new analysis 'The Advantages of TIMSS Introduction into BiH Educational System' within its 'Road to Recovery' project, stressing the importance and necessity of regular participation of primary schools in international testing.

The internationally standardized test TIMSS (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study) is utilized to assess students’ ability to understand content designated by the curriculum and to practically apply adopted knowledge in relevant fields.

So far, Bosnia and Herzegovina participated in the testing only in 2007 and the final results showed that the BiH was ranked 27th out of 50 countries indicating low or medium quality of its education system.

Due to the lack of financial resources the TIMSS testing was not conducted in 2011, which prevented tracking changes and trends in achievements of teachers and students, as well as the effectiveness of implemented decisions and reforms. 

The participation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 2015 TIMSS testing is still possible, but the CPU stresses the necessity of relevant institutions at all levels of government to work together in order to achieve this goal.

This kind of international testing would enable continuous monitoring and comparison with other systems and provide a clear picture on what has to be done. Additionaly, comprehensive analysis of the information coming out of this testing would enable us to identify potential weaknesses within the system and make appropriate changes.

The analysis can be downloaded here


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