Overview of key Socio-Economic Policies in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The focus of this policy paper is on key socio-economic challenges the society in Bosnia and Herzegovina faces, with an overview of measures to be implemented after the 2018 general elections. Based on analysis of the Reform Agenda 2015-2018 and accompanying Action Plans of the Council of Ministers and Entity Governments as well as desk research and consultations with representatives of civil society organizations, representatives of the business community and representatives from the international community, a set of measures in eight priority reform areas has been identified and jointly agreed upon. The areas are as follows.

  • Rule of Law and Good Governance
  • Public Finances, Taxation and Fiscal Sustainability
  • Business Climate and Competitiveness
  • Labor Market
  • Social Welfare Reform
  • Public Administration Reform
  • Education
  • Comprehensive Health Sector Reform.

The analysis can be downloaded HERE. Also, it is available via our ISSUU channel:

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