Conclusion of meetings on economic issues in BiH with decision-makers

01 February 2015



Fbih Parlament Article

In the previous period, Centre for Policy and Governance held a series of meetings with decision-makers and representatives of political parties with majority in BiH institutions. Meetings were held with representatives of the following political parties: Demokratska fronta (DF), Stranka demokratske akcije (SDA), Socijaldemokratska partija (SDP), Bosanskohercegovačka patriotska stranka (BPS) i Naša stranka (NS).

The main focus of conversations were fiscal reform and telecommunication market in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. All public officials agreed on urgency of creating an effective fiscal system which will relieve the economy immediately after the conclusion of government assembly on all levels. It was also concluded that fiscal reform must be followed by measures that will reduce public spending. Wide public discussion on eventual legislative amendments is also necessary, in order to harmonize opinions of all stakeholders in best public interest.

All party officials showed a great deal of understanding of existing issues regarding telecommunication market and privatization of telecom operators in Federation of BiH. The biggest public operator – BH Telecom, does not correspond adequately with needs and demands of the market, therefore its profit and value shows constant decrease. Because of this, most of the officials expressed that reform of company management is needed, and they are also willing to consider partial privatization of public telecom operators.

In the following period, CPU will engage in series of activities by the moto „Let's talk about the economy“, in order to initiate wide public discussion on fiscal reform that will include elected government officials along with representatives of economy and civil society.

23 June

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