CPU held roundtable under the slogan "Let's Talk about Economy: Fiscal Policy Reform"

12 March 2015



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As a continuation of activities within the program "Promoting political accountability", Centre for Policy and Governance organized a round table under the slogan "Let's Talk about Economy: Fiscal Policy Reform". The round table was held on March 12 in Hotel Europe, Sarajevo, with thematic focus on tax policy reform in the function of economic growth and employment.

In the first part of the event, CPU's executive director Adis Muhović presented the analysis "Fiscal policy in the function of economic growth and employment". Branimir Muidža, acting president of Council of Foreign Investors in Bosnia and Herzegovina, spoke about fiscal reform from employers' and foreign investors' point of view, and he also emphasized the need for harmonization of regulations at entity level. Introductory presentations were concluded by Midhat Arifović, chairman of Tax Administration of FBiH, who presented this institution perspective concerning urgent fiscal reform.

Round table was attended by representatives of political parties that CPU cooperated with in previous period through series of thematic meetings regarding fiscal reform. Political parties generally expressed commintment to creation of fiscal system that will relieve the economy through reduction of labor taxes and in other ways. Mensura Beganović (Demokratska fronta) and Predrag Kojović (Naša stranka) addressed the attendees and expressed their parties' attitude towards reforms, emphesizing the need for consensus within coalition on federal and national government level.

Later on, attendees engaged in discussion with series of intriguing questions. They were mostly interested in social aspect of fiscal reform and possibility of introducing differential rates of VAT. Attendees were also informed on how decrease of labor contributions can have positive effect on competitiveness of domestic economy and liquidity of domestic companies, thus creating favorable environment for business.

Evidentni su različiti stavovi učesnika, te je jasno da je diskusija koja je otpočela na ovom okruglom stolu između različitih zainteresiranih strana otvorila mogućnost za bližu saradnju nevladinog sektora, institucija vlasti i donosioca odluka u cilju pronalaženja najkvalitetnijeg i adekvatnog modela poreske reforme koji će omogućiti ekonomski rast i zapošljavanje.

Attendees expressed different opinions, thus making it clear that discussion between different stakeholders on this round table can be an opportunity for closer cooporation between NGO sector, instutions and decision-makers. Their common aim must be finding the most adequate model for fiscal reform in function of economic growth and employment.

Video from round is available for preview on our YouTube channel.

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