Current Projects

Project title: Promoting debate on Key Reform Policies

The Center for Policy and Governance (CPU) will continue promoting public debate on policies affecting Bosnia and Herzegovina’s democratic transition. Through analyzing public policymaking and implementation processes, the CPU will promote open debate on specific policies of major importance for the country’s development, while simultaneously holding decision-makers accountable for their implementation.

The overall goal of the project is to support timely and steady implementation of the IMF Program in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Center for Policy and Governance will monitor the implementation of the IMF Program Objectives and Policy Discussions/Measures listed in the Letter of Intent. CPU will inform the public in Bosnia and Herzegovina about the performance of domestic authorities in the implementation of the Program. Additionally, CPU will, where possible, assess whether policies adopted during the Program are in line with the recommendations of the relevant international partners (the IMF, the EU, and the WB). Where this approach is not applicable, the CPU will start the public or hold expert debates in order to assess the quality of the proposed legislation and implications of their adoption.

Project duration: April 01, 2017 – March 31, 2018

Project budget: 49.835 USD


Project title: Promoting Responsible Economic Policies

In the run up to the 2018 elections, Zasto Ne and CPU will connect with local CSOs in order to offer locally owned solutions to the country’s key socio-economic challenges. They will also align the country’s key political parties toward discussion of the peoples’ concerns and conduct the associated public outreach. In this regard, Zasto Ne and CPU will implement the following activities:
1.       Identification of relevant stakeholders and key socio-economic challenges
2.       Providing support to the main political parties and educating voters
3.       Launch of the Tax Calculator 2.0

Project duration:
October 01, 2017 - September 30, 2018 


The analysis shows research on how the banking sector in B&H can improve economic growth, and how sector reforms contained in the Extended Fund Facility program with IMF can influence on credit expansion and the stability of the financial sector.


No matter the destiny of the IMF arrangement, for the final finding of the solution when it comes to BH Telecom, it is necessary to conduct the due diligence analysis and to agree upon a plan of future work of BH Telecom as soon as possible.


Bosnia and Herzegovina urgently needs an improvement of business climate and one of the key tools to accomplish this goal is the introduction of electronic services.


This analysis suggests few steps aiming to halt the decrease of the average class size in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and points out the necessity of shifting the focus on teachers' competencies and qualities as a precondition for better education.


The analysis of 'The Advantages of TIMSS Introduction into BiH Educational System' contains conclusions and recommendations for its implementation and suggests that regular conduction of TIMSS is necessary, since this kind of international testing enables continuous monitoring and comparison with other systems and provides a clear picture on what has to be done.

20 May

Round table „Bh creative industries – Startup for creative entrepreneurs"“

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4 February

Round table: "reform and modernization of State aid as a precondition for economic development"

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